Notes from our Missionaries, upon receiving Christmas gifts from THBC

“Thank you so very much for the very generous Christmas gift you sent! I am so touched by your care for us as your missionaries. The extra gift really helps provide for a need I wasn’t sure I could meet.”
– Kathy Gleckler

“Wow! We were speechless when we saw the special Christmas gift from you! We are so excited because we put down ½ the cost on new windows for our house – we have been saving for 17 years! We lacked a little bit to completely cover the cost but decided to dip into our savings – but with your gift we won’t need to! Thank you!!!”
— Doug & Maryann Hammar

“Thank you so much for the very generous Christmas gift. What an amazing blessing it is! Your faithfulness and encouragement have meant so much to us in our ministry and as a family. Thank you so very much.”
–Scott & Leah Conner

“What a surprise to arrive home from our mission trip to Italy last weekend and find your $2,800 gift in our mail! Thank you so much for your generosity to us. And special thanks to the committee who worked so hard on the auction.”
— Ceil & Daryl Wilson

“We are so thankful for the THBC family and your faithfulness to God and encouragement and prayers for us and our family over many years! Thank you for the most generous Christmas gift. We at first thought there must be been a mistake, but there wasn’t! We all have much to thank God for and we are especially thankful for THBC!”
— Dennis & Melody Nordine

“Mike and I want to express an immense thank you for your astounding generosity given to us as a Christmas blessing. We are so grateful to you and to the Lord for making us his family and for calling all of us into a united service in his kingdom. May the Lord bless your ministry as a church body and continue to extend your outreach in your community and beyond! Thank you again!”
— Mike & Sherry Borstad

“Thank you so much for your incredible generous Christmas gift. To say that Heather and I were completely shocked would be an understatement. Wow!! We had just recently sent in a check to Immigration Services for our adopted girls to finalize their paperwork and your gift basically paid for all of that expense. Thank you so much!! Every time we touch those citizenship papers, I will be reminded of who God used to help make that happen. Thank you so much for your partnership, prayers and friendship!!”
— Doug & Heather Amundson

“We were so blessed and so pleasantly surprised with your $2,800 year end gift to our family. We doubt you can know what a help it is. Sima’s tuition (required by her current visa status) costs us just over $700 a month and is our biggest expense and a huge budget drain. Your gift covers almost 4 months and will take us close to the end of her senior year. It is a relief to have that covered and to be able to focus on other things.”
— Tim & Peggi Bontekoe

“Thank you so much for your most generous gift! I was shocked by the generosity you extended to your ministries/missionaries you support. This gift has helped to meet a need I have – I had to have some major dental work done that insurance doesn’t cover and your gift is almost exactly what it costs. I’m so grateful for the way God has used you to meet that need. I am amazed and blessed. ‘Thank you’ hardly expresses the depth of my gratitude, but thank you!”
— Lynne Herlein

“I came to understand the magnitude of the thought, effort and generosity that went into the auction. I will treat those funds as sacred. Thank you so much. I was able to purchase Norene a much needed new computer.”
— Gil Zinke

“You probably have no idea what a blessing you, as partners, have been to us this year! Your gifts and prayers have truly been a blessing for which we are grateful. We thank God for your faithfulness and praise Him for His!”
–Ken & Heather Bresser

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