Letter from our Missionaries Daryl and Ceil Wilson, Faculty Commons, 9/27/21

After an uneventful flight, we arrived last Sunday. It took a few days to adjust to life in Italy again. But we are thoroughly enjoying our reunion with our team here in Rome and Florence; also with our Italian friends Gregorio, Mauro and Kiki, and Claudio and Silvana. Our language tutoring is paying off; we are better able to communicate with them.
We are also making some new friends. Kiki’s great niece Anna is a freshman at the University of Florence (UNIFI). And our student ministry team in Florence has three interns this year who are specifically reaching out to UNIFI freshman. Please pray that we can connect Anna with these three young ladies.
Renata, Michelle, and Alyssa are 2019 graduates of the University of Texas who are working with our student ministry team in Florence this year.
The young Italian students love these three; they offer practice in conversational English, and also Bible study for students who want to learn more about Jesus.

We enjoyed a long Italian lunch yesterday with Michelle and Alyssa. It was great fun! We talked about everything from life in Italy, their Texas roots, and new ministry ideas, to NCAA football. They passed on some flyers we can give to Anna and any other UNIFI freshmen we meet.

“Vita da Matricola” means “Life of a Freshman.” This online booklet is packed full of useful information specific to UNIFI. Advice from upperclassmen, where to get a good coffee or a quick dinner, the semester schedule, useful phone numbers, and study tips from our Faculty Commons colleague Professor Phil Bishop–with a link to a talk he gave on that subject at UNIFI two years ago.

Unlike American universities, Italian universities provide little help in the area of “student success.” So this booklet fills a great need. It also helps us our team connect with students who want to explore the big questions of life and discover who God truly is.

UNIFI students will have a chance to meet Dr. Phil Bishop in person when he’s in town next week. Please pray with us that God will connect him and our Florence team with students who are spiritual seekers.

Thanks for your partnership with us!

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