About Us

A growing community of committed Christ-followers


Our Mission

We exist to become a growing community of committed Christ-followers. This means that we desire to continually be growing in our relationship with the Lord, while reaching out to others and inviting them to know the Lord and to be a part of our church family. Our goal is to become a family where each individual, no matter what stage of life he or she might find themselves in, is welcomed, accepted, and loved, and then finds his or her purpose and meaning in life. We hope that you will join us as we seek to accomplish this mission for the honor and glory of Christ alone

Your Journey

“We’d love to partner with you in your own journey of faith by helping you get connected to a family of Jesus followers who themselves are still in process but want to make a difference in their community and world to the glory of God.”

– Andy Brubaker (Senior Pastor)

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