Junior High

Junior High –  for 6th-8th grade students

MORPH is a place for students to connect!  Each week, we will connect to one another and to God through games, snacks, music and small groups.  There will also be various competitions and other youth activities for you to be involved in throughout the school year.  Check us out and find out what MORPH is really all about!

Youth Group:

Jr. High “Morph” meets every Sunday (except in the summer) from 6:00-8:00 pm in the gym.

The night involves games, snacks, worship through a short devotional, and small groups.  Jody Johnston, Josh Fraser, Neal Franklin, Kevin Stagg, Sarah Kline, and Jacquie Wood.
Game Leader Luke Stagg.
Snack Leader Angel Dezeeuw

To participate in the activities, we ask each of our students to complete a Medical Release form.  This needs to be done annually.  To download a 2021-2022 Medical Release form, click here.

Upcoming Activities

September 2021:
11: Cadillac area youth group kick off
12: Morph
18: Airsoft at Hoekwater’s
19: Morph
26: Morph

October 2021:
2: Fall Festival Click here for info/flyer
3: Morph
8: Hayride at Powels?
10: Morph
17: Morph
22: Bonfire at Brent and Kate’s  Click here for info/flyer
24: Morph
31: Morph

November 2021:
7: Skit guys performance at Rehobeth Church in Lucas  Click here for info/flyer
14: Morph
21: Morph
28: Off (for Thanksgiving)

December 2021:
5: Morph
12: Morph
19: Morph Christmas Party
26: Off (for Christmas)
29: Nerf war and Pizza

January 2022:
2: Off (for New Years)
9: Morph
15-16: Jr./Sr. High Winter Retreat  Click here for info/flyer
16: Morph
23: Morph
28: Movie Night/Game night
30: Morph

February 2022:
6: Morph
13: Morph/sledding day
18: Jr. High Game Night
20: Morph
27: Morph

March 2022:
4-5: Sr. High Overnight
6: Morph
13: Morph
20: Morph
27: Off (for Spring Break)
30: Open Gym and Game Day

April 2022:
3: Morph
10: Morph
17: Off (Easter)
24: His Little feet
27: Awana Carnival




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