What is Fusion?

Fusion – “Doing MORE together than we can do on our own.”
This is the time when PARENTS and CHILDREN come together to learn about the virtue for the month.  Every month we introduce a NEW character trait (virtues) that we teach the kids during Club 631 (Children’s Church/Sunday School). Virtues like: Kindness, Grace, Compassion, Self-control, Wisdom, Generosity, Joy, and SO MANY MORE.  (one for every month of the year)  These are things we would all love to see displayed in our children, right?
Well, that is where FUSION comes into play.  Every month we get together as parents and children to learn about the Virtue of the Month and get our Virtue Kits.
The virtue kit includes games, stories, activities, and verses to discuss that all center on the ONE virtue for that month.  It also includes a “give-a-way,” something special that you can use as a family to remind yourselves what the virtue is.  The Virtue Kit helps you to continue to learn as a family unit what your children are learning during the Club 631 hour.  If you choose to use the kits, I’m positive that you child will get more out of the monthly lesson and have a much better chance of applying the virtue into their lives.  Who knows, maybe it will rub off on us parents as well!
So, you see, Fusion is the church and parents coming together to help our children learn more and experience more than what we could do on our own.

We look forward to seeing you there!
And don’t forget to pick up your Virtue Kits at the beginning of each month!

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